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Education for the future: New children on board, new set of skills wanted

The current education system is not what it used to be 20 years ago, teachers focus more on an individual learning and critical thinking. The constant change of sociaty together with globalization is shaping children differently.

So, how should we educate our children from primary school to university level in order for them meet today's social demand?

To have an accurate answer to this question, we have quoted the principal from the one of the schools in Zug:

«There has been a significant shift to focus on a need for overarching, interrelated qualities such as creativity, leadership, innovation, relationship building, empathy, conflict resolution and emotional intelligence. So, for the education sector, a critical challenge is in relation to how we prepare our students for the future and this more diverse skillset requirement.

The key challenge will be to transition from our current, rigid model of education, which has been ingrained for over a hundred years, to something that is more reactive to changes in access to technology, information, and approaches to learning and working.

The model needs to change, and we need to assess how we can ensure relevancy and meaning in learning, and drive this change collaboratively. This is an idea which is gaining momentum within the field of education, and we have begun to think about how this future model might look in our vision for... (our) own future."

(from the «International School Parent» magazine Spring 2018)


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