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Terms and Conditions

1. Applicability and Effective Conclusion of the Order Assignment


1.1. Services by Schoolfinders KIG, Hallenstrasse 15, 8008 Zurich, Switzerland (hereinafter „Schoolfinders“) shall be rendered exclusively in accordance with these terms and conditions (hereinafter „T&Cs“). These T&Cs shall be considered accepted by the principal or the principals (individually or collectively hereinafter „Principal“), if the Principal


a) either submits the filled in application form on (hereinafter „Website“);

b) or does not immediately object to the confirmation e-mail sent by Schoolfinders including the T&Cs following telephone contact, which includes the T&Cs.


If the Principal does not wish to accept these T&Cs, he cannot mandate Schoolfinders.


1.2. Schoolfinders may amend these T&Cs and the services and prices provided on the Website at any time. If the amendments concern an ongoing order, they must be made within a reasonable time period. Therefore, the Principal shall verify these before placing each new order. The Principal is bound by the respective current version of the T&Cs and the Website.


1.3. Submission of the filled in application form and instruction by the Principal to Schoolfinders by way of telephone each constitute a legally binding offer of the Principal to enter into an agreement. However, the agreement shall be deemed concluded only with the confirmation of Schoolfinders.


2. Requirements and Undertakings of the Principal


2.1. The Principal must meet the following requirements:


a) the Principal must be the legal guardian (or the Principals must be the legal guardians) of the child, concerning regarding which Schoolfinders is engagedassigned;

b) the Principal must be at least 18 years of age and legally capable of entering into binding agreements.


2.2. The Principal undertakes to provide Schoolfinders with all all documents and information to Schoolfinders accurately and exhaustively, which is are necessary and useful for completing the mandateassignment. Any changes shall be notified to Schoolfinders without delay.


3. Services, Warranty and Liability of Schoolfinders


3.1. The services provided by Schoolfinders are described on the Website. Schoolfinders will provide those services to the Principal, which were agreed upon.


3.2. Schoolfinders undertakes to provide competent, diligent and purposeful analysis, advice and other support based on the provided information and in accordance with the instructions of the Principal. The decision in favour of a certain school lies solely with the Principal. Therefore, any liability by Schoolfinders is excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.


3.3. Schoolfinders is entitled to consult external partners in order to fulfil the mandateassignment.


4. Compensation and Terms of Payment


4.1. The Principal undertakes to pay either the prices published on the Website or the compensation agreed upon with Schoolfinders, plus VAT, if applicable.


4.2. In principleAs a general rule, compensation for phase 1 is to be paid before provision the rendering of services by Schoolfinders and compensation for phases 2 and 3 are to be paid within 30 days of the invoice date. In case of payment default, default interest of 5% p.a. incurs as of the 31st day, without any notice of default by Schoolfinders being required.


4.3. In case of termination of an assignment mandate, compensation for already performed services or for services, which are only terminable within a certain period, remains due.


5. Confidentiality Obligations


5.1. Schoolfinders undertakes to keep all documents, data and information on the Principal and the child, which Schoolfinders receives for the fulfilment of the mandateassignment, confidential and to use them only for providing the agreed services. If and to the extent Schoolfinders consults external partners in order to fulfil the mandateassignment, Schoolfinders will oblige these to observe confidentiality in advance.


5.2. This confidentiality obligation remains fully in full effect even also after the contractual relationship between the Principal and Schoolfinders has been terminated. Upon termination of the mandateassignment, Schoolfinders shall return or destroy the received documents, depending on the Principal's request.


6. Data Protection


6.1. Schoolfinders only processes the personal data provided by the Principal and the child in accordance with the Swiss data protection legislation.


6.2. Schoolfinders exclusively uses the provided personal data in order to fulfil the mandate assignment and in order to inform on important developments and new offers. Schoolfinders is entitled to consult with third parties, which will receive access to the personal data. The Principal accepts the usage and disclosure of data described herein.


6.3. Unfortunately, the transmission of data by way of internet is not completely secure. Every transmission of data by the Principal via internet therefore takes place at the Principal's own risk.


7. Termination and Intellectual Property


7.1. Termination of the mandate assignment is possible at any time, subject to para. 4.3. of these T&Cs.


7.2. The contents published on the Website (including photographs, labels and graphic contents) are the intellectual property of Schoolfinders. Any use of the contents for purposes other than use of the provided services is prohibited.


8. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction


8.1. The contractual relationship between Schoolfinders and the Principal shall be governed exclusively by material substantive Swiss law.


8.2. The ordinary courts in 8008 Zurich shall be exclusively competent for any disputes. However, Schoolfinders is entitled to sue the Principal at his domicile.

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