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School Counseling Services

We advise you individually in finding the optimal school for your child (Swiss public and private schools):

  • Swiss Curriculum

  • International Schools

  • Bilingual Path

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Boarding Schools

We can help you find the optimal boarding school, doing our utmost to ensure your child finds the right environment for a happy, fulfilling experience.

  • Variety of Diplomas

  • Swiss Boarding Schools

  • Application Support

Counseling & Tutoring

SCHOOLFINDERS works neutrally and independently and is not financially compensated by any school or institution. Our main goal is to find the best school for each child after evaluating the student's specific needs and circumstances.


We are the competent and independent contact for questions during Primary School (mostly 4th to 6th grade), and in the transition to the next stage, be it lower secondary school, Gymnasium or private high school. We can further help you find the right choice of which upper- secondary school based education to choose from such as public or private Gymnasial Maturity or Baccalaureate, or a specialised upper secondary school  such as FMS, HMS, IMS) etc.


SCHOOLFINDERS can provide support in the following cases:


Scenario 1

You are planning to move from abroad to the Zurich region and are therefore looking for a suitable school for your child. SCHOOLFINDERS will help you find the best option and make sure that your child feels comfortable in the new school situation and can integrate as quickly and optimally as possible.


Scenario 2

You live in the canton of Zurich, but your child's situation at the current school is unsatisfactory. There are many reasons for this: too large classes; lack of supervision by the school; an over- or underchallenging curriculum; insufficient grades meaning imminent probation. In all these cases and more, SCHOOLFINDERS can help to craft a plan B from a wide range of possibilities. 


Scenario 3

You are looking for a boarding school in Switzerland where your child can develop his or her skills and fulfil his/her potential with maximum support. SCHOOLFINDERS can competently advise you regarding all boarding schools in the entire country.

Check out our reasonable and fair prices.

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