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Nicole Rieffel-Behles

After completing my business degree at a high school in Zurich and Lausanne, I went on an exchange year in the United States, which sparked my curiosity for international experiences. Fascinated by languages, I pursued a Bachelor's degree in Interpreting, spending a year abroad at the Sorbonne through the Erasmus program. After graduating with a degree in applied linguistics, I gained valuable experience through internships abroad. Motivated by my background, I eagerly sought out various marketing and communication opportunities to further expand my international experience. During my maternity leave, I became actively involved in schools, from parent council to a daycare center board of directors.

Soon after, I ventured into expanding a private and international elementary day-school. With the arrival of my third child, I seized the opportunity to join Kantonsschule Küsnacht, diving into the captivating world of high school education. Being a liaison among teachers, parents, students, and authorities, I developed a holistic understanding of the public school system, gaining extensive knowledge and insight. Recognising the need for unbiased school guidance, we founded Schoolfinders, a neutral and independent resource.

For over seven years, Schoolfinders has provided invaluable support and advice to families, earning exceptional feedback. This motivates me and my business partner to personally visit schools and offer professional and updated guidance

"My three children have very different school careers. This has shown me that there is a suitable school for every child - you just have to find it. To see my children flourish at the right school for them is a wonderful experience and an important motivation for founding SCHOOLFINDERS. Therefore, it is my goal to show other families in similar situations that there is not only a classical school career, but that in the Swiss education system there are many ways to reach one's goal and achieve success."  

Diane Bauer-Illy

The experience of transitioning from an international school system to the Swiss curriculum in Oberwil/BL, Switzerland during my teenage years has had a profound impact on my personal growth. Despite the challenges of adapting to a new educational environment and the limited German knowledge, I successfully obtained the Swiss Matura. Today this has cultivated empathy and understanding towards families who undergo similar transitions when relocating from abroad. I am inspired to support and connect with individuals and families facing similar experiences, driven by my own transformative path.

Continuing with a bachelor’s degree, in Marketing and Communication, followed by experiences at various international firms in their marketing, advertising & human resource sectors has fulfilled me, being able to remain openminded and in contact with international people.

After several years of working in Zurich, I then moved to the Bahamas and spent four years abroad with my family. When returning to Switzerland, I experienced again what it meant to reintegrate my own three children into Swiss and International schools in Zurich. It has showed me the difficulties students are still challenged with.


A move abroad, coupled with a change in the educational system, typically brings about both exciting and unexpected challenges. To make the right choice regarding schools and educational paths, it is crucial to understand the experiences and obstacles that families from abroad often face. Recognizing that these families require the right and experienced support, SCHOOLFINDERS was founded in 2017. Many families seek a neutral point of contact they can turn to. Therefore, I am delighted that, after more than seven years, I can contribute to making a valuable and significant impact on families from different countries around the world through SCHOOLFINDERS.

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