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SCHOOLFINDERS works neutrally and independently. Our main goal is to find the best school for each child after evaluating the student's specific needs and circumstances.

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School Counseling Services

We advise you individually in finding the optimal school for your child (Swiss public and private schools):

  • Swiss Curriculum

  • International Schools

  • Bilingual Path

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Boarding Schools

We can help you find the optimal boarding school, doing our utmost to ensure your child finds the right environment for a happy, fulfilling experience.

  • Variety of Diplomas

  • Swiss Boarding Schools

  • Application Support

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We are here to address questions and concerns that encompass the entire educational journey, spanning from kindergarten to graduation. Whether it's guiding students from kindergarten through primary school, helping them navigate the challenging transition to secondary education (be it a private or public gymnasium or secondary school), or assisting with the selection of the right secondary education path (whether it's a short gymnasium, vocational school, commercial school, IMS, or high school), we are the trusted and experienced advisors you can turn to.


In the following scenarios, SCHOOLFINDERS can provide valuable support:

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Relocation to Switzerland

You are planning to move to Switzerland and are therefore looking for a suitable school for your child.


SCHOOLFINDERS ensures your child's seamless integration into the best school environment, providing support and inspiration for an optimal educational experience.

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Find an optimal school for your child

While living in Switzerland, if you find your child's current school experience unsatisfactory due to issues such as large class sizes, limited supervision, curriculum misalignment, academic struggles, or diminishing motivation, rest assured that SCHOOLFINDERS is here to help you discover a wide range of alternative possibilities and create a more fulfilling educational plan.


The best boarding school for your child

If you're seeking a Swiss boarding school where your child can fully develop their skills and reach their potential with individual support, SCHOOLFINDERS is your knowledgeable guide to all boarding schools across the entire country.

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