What are the rates and conditions of our services?

Our proposals are on an absolutely independent and neutral basis as we do not ask for financial support from any of our local schools. Our goal is always to find the best possible school solution for each child.


Our offer is structured in three phases which you can sign up for individually or in combination - always commencing with Phase 1:

Phase 1 - Analysis of the current situation

The first phase involves getting to know your child and your family, an evaluation of your wishes, needs and expectations based on school reports, and showing the diversity of schools and the educational system in Switzerland. Upon request we can do a test of the child's learning behavior. This includes public and private schools of all levels. The admission requirements and the distinction between selective and non-selective schools are described according to individual requirements.

Cost: CHF 420.-

Phase 2 - Individual selection of possible schools

If you would like to go ahead using our services, we will continue our journey together by:

showing you a smaller selection of schools that are suitable for your child. We create possible scenarios based on your demands and paths and explain in detail why we select certain schools and why we do not recommend others. For children from abroad who would like to be integrated into the Swiss system, it is crucial that the conditions are met and that transitional opportunities are otherwise considered. The choice of profiles at Swiss schools as well as the composition of subjects at international schools are decisive for the child's further career. There are also guidelines if Swiss children want to change to an international school. For more than one child, siblings receive a reduction of 30%.

Cost: CHF 680.-

Phase 3 - Enrolment, individual support and special requests

Depending on your family's situation and wishes, we will continue to accompany you to school visits in various regions, conduct discussions with school principals at the respective schools. We support you in making your choice and establishing personal contacts with the schools and clarifying the availability of spaces.We can enrol the child at the desired school and represent the interests of your family. According to requirements and individual wishes, we create tailor made follow up options to further university education.

Cost: Individual offer according to agreement

Can I also visit SCHOOLFINDERS and seek advice, without having a specific plan to change my child from his current school?

Yes, of course. Give us a call or write to us to describe your current situation. We will be happy to welcome you in person and explain to you the different school paths and diplomas to choose from, which might suit your child’s goals better.

Should you later wish to change to a different school, we can continue with phase 2. Otherwise you will only be charged for phase 1.

Can we also visit SCHOOLFINDERS, if our child speaks no German or only very little?

Yes, most definitely. We have a profound knowledge of many private and semi-private schools offering Swiss and international diplomas; this in German/English/two or more languages.

Can you give us advice, if we live abroad and are planning to move to Switzerland, to the region of Zurich, but cannot come in person for an interview?

Yes, give us a call or write to us and we can arrange a Skype interview. We can advise and support you from Switzerland until you have the possibility to meet us in person in Zurich.

In which languages can we communicate with SCHOOLFINDERS?

SCHOOLFINDERS can advise you in German, English, Spanish, French and also Italian.

Can SCHOOLFINDERS also give us advice, if we are looking for a boarding school in Switzerland?

Yes, SCHOOLFINDERS can competently provide support and show you suitable boarding schools throughout Switzerland. Our offer then is according to individual case and needs (=phase 3 of our pricelist).

We cannot afford a private school. Which options are there in the Swiss public school system?

We have a lot of experience with public schools in the Zurich region and can inform you about the possible ways to enable your child has a good and targeted school time and diploma.

Curious? Give us a call or write to us!

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