We believe in the potential of

your child

SCHOOLFINDERS believes that every child can reach his full potential.

However, if a child is not at an adequate school for his personal situation or is in a degree program that does not suit his abilities, this can seriously affect his performance and possibly also his self-esteem.


Often, adolescents literally blossom when they are integrated into a suitable environment. In order to identify what their environment is, it is necessary to thoroughly evaluate all possibilities. Our many years of experience and our broad knowledge of the Swiss and International school landscape help us to achieve this.


In order to be happy and successful in life, a child should be able to develop his or her talents. Sufficient demands must be made in order to remain inquisitive, but children should not be repeatedly overchallenged. As parents with young adults, we know that it is not enough to graduate from school. On the contrary: After that, it's time to really get going! Young people should therefore be able to maintain a certain hunger for knowledge during their school career in order to be able to enjoy studying and working later on. 


We from SCHOOLFINDERS are convinced that finding the best school can foster a lifelong joy of learning.

Nicole Rieffel-Behles

Business Gymnasium (Zurich), exchange year in the USA, Commercial College and completion of HMS. Internal training at Swiss Bank and then Diploma at the School for Interpreters of Zurich. Erasmus year at the Sorbonne in Paris and various internships abroad. Later permanent jobs at Swiss Private Banks.


Collaboration in the development of the Tandem School Zurich (multilingual day school). After the birth of three children and family time, re-entry at the Küsnacht Cantonal School. In 2017 foundation of SCHOOLFINDERS.

"My three children have very different school careers. This has shown me that there is a suitable school for every child - you just have to find it. To see my children flourish at the right school for them is a wonderful experience and an important motivation for founding SCHOOLFINDERS. Therefore, it is my goal to show other families in similar situations that there is not only a classical school career, but that in the Swiss education system there are many ways to reach one's goal and achieve success."  

Diane Bauer-Illy

Completion of Swiss Matura without previous knowledge of German- at the public Swiss Gymnasium Oberwil/BL-, Degree from SAWI, University of Applied Sciences. Permanent jobs in marketing, advertising & human resources. 


2008 - 2012 stay abroad with her family, then return to Switzerland and reintegration of her three children into Swiss and International schools in Zurich. In 2017 foundation of SCHOOLFINDERS. 

"From my own school career and the different chosen school paths of my three sons, as well as different situations in my personal environment, I am familiar with the difficulties that families from abroad have to master when they move to a new city. In doing so, I have acquired a good knowledge of different approaches in the Swiss and International School System and was able to help others with optimal solutions. Today I am happy to have found the right education for my own children and I would like to share my experience with other families in that there is more than one classical way for a successful school career."

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