The Swiss education system is diverse and offers a wide range of different school paths and diplomas to choose from. It is not always easy to find a school that meets the individual needs of the child as well as the expectations of the parents. This is where our challenge begins. Based on our evaluation of more than 80 schools and over 20 boarding schools, Schoolfinders' team visits each school of its large portfolio on a regular basis. One day a week is reserved for research and encounters with heads of schools and teachers. Therefore, our clients benefit from our in-depth knowhow of new and existing schools.

Vast expertise and experience

We have many years of profound knowledge of the school landscape in different Cantons of Switzerland. We help you navigate the particularities of the different Swiss regions which is crucial when choosing a school system because it can vary substantially.

We cover the entire spectrum of public, private and semi-private schools with day care. Identifying the different options such as multilingual schools, different degrees and curriculums. In addition, we can help children with special needs as well as gifted and talented students find the right fit with small and individual programs.

Our broad knowledge, together with a thorough assessment of your child's personal situation, provides the basis for a suitable academic choice.


1) Personal Contact

Zoom, Skype, and virtual meetings have become part of our daily routine. Whenever possible we like to meet the families in person, in order to provide them with our personalized services.

2) Evaluating documents, learning behaviors and schools:

We review all the relevant documents such as report cards, degrees or psychological assessments. Each learner is unique and we therefore put strengths and weaknesses into account when choosing the appropriate accomidations and support systems.

3) Identify the different school options:

Once the potential schools have been identified, we provide you with a detailed written report laying out the different scenarios for your child. SCHOOLFINDERS ensures the child's interests are met by negotiating with the schools on behalf of the families. Upon request, we accompany you on school visits and represent your concerns to the school's administrators and be your one-stop shop for all administrative and personal requests.


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