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Swiss boarding schools have a long history and an excellent reputation worldwide. They offer high academic standards in a healthy environment – often in spectacular locations – and benefit from other advantages of living in Switzerland, such as access to a renowned healthcare system. This makes for a privileged living situation, where students tend to feel at home even when far away from home. 


You might be asking yourself: 


  • What makes Swiss boarding schools so special?

  • When is the best time for my child to start boarding school?

  • At which kind of boarding school would my child feel most comfortable? 

  • Which diplomas and learning-approach fit best? (Swiss Matura, IB, AP, A-Level)

  • What are the differences between the schools?

  • What kind of activities do they offer?

  • Which universities will my child be able to apply to?

  • Will a boarding school increase my child’s chances of entering a top university after high school?


We are very familiar with these kinds of questions – and based on our experience, we can help provide you with the answers.


Schoolfinders goes behind the scenes and visits each boarding school on a regular basis. We know the differences between the schools, the heads of each school, the specific curriculum offered, the school’s philosophy and its range of activities – and importantly, we know each school’s unique spirit and culture. Unlike at a day school, students from all over the world come together and also stay together. They must learn to live 24/7 with people of different backgrounds, discovering completely new aspects of life that will help them become tolerant, open-minded and caring young adults. 


We can help you find the optimal boarding school, doing our utmost to ensure your child finds the right environment for a happy, fulfilling experience.


What sets Swiss boarding schools apart from boarding schools in other countries?

Here are some of the reasons we have observed as advisors and also heard from families:


  • Swiss boarding schools are often located in beautiful natural settings yet offer top facilities.

  • Their manageable size ensures a more personal relationship between teachers and students, as well as among students, helping to build lifelong relationships. 

  • Students lead healthy lives, spending much of their free time taking up outdoor activities of all kinds. 

  • Due to a strict language quota, Swiss boarding schools have a true international spirit and ensure a broad mix of nationalities. Students from all over the world come together as a family.

  • Unlike in other countries, where many local students return home for the weekend, boarders seldom return home during the semester – which encourages bonding and helps friendships form. The quota ensures there are just as many international students as local students. In addition, each school offers a unique weekend activity program, which few want to miss out on.

  • The diverse nationalities, long history and high academic level of boarding schools contribute to a great alumni network for the future.

  • Swiss boarding schools value discretion. All children are treated equally, regardless of their origins. 

  • The level of language teaching is excellent due to the variety of languages spoken in Switzerland already.

  • Because Switzerland is ranked as one of the safest countries to live in, older students can enjoy a certain freedom of movement in their free time. This is especially the case for boarding schools located in rural settings or up in the Alps, where a walk to the bakery or village shops is an everyday pleasure, one even taken for granted. 


All of these factors together contribute to students’ emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.


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